Skill Assessment Test

Skill Assessment Tests

Skills assessment tests have been around for many years and due to the rapid technological advancement, skill assessment tests have now become a rising recruitment trend.

In this article, I discuss two main reasons for using skill assessment tests and the benefits of using skill assessment tests in your hiring process.

Employer use skill assessment tests in two main ways:

  • To test candidate for new job position.
  • To test existing employees.

Skill assessment tests provides an objective measure of a candidate’s abilities and is a reliable, affordable and user-friendly way for companies to test their employees and candidates.

Determining exactly what skills are required for a specific position will enable you to hire at the appropriate skill level.  Too many companies either under-hire (and are dissatisfied with the employee’s performance) or over-hire (and end up with a bored employee who leaves).  Utilizing skill assessment tests helps companies hire the right people for their open positions and is also useful for managing existing employees and placing them in the right positions. 


Here are the benefits of skill assessment tests:


Skills Assessment Tests - New Employee

Candidates’ skills on CV – Is it true?

  • Assessment tests help employers check the truthfulness of candidates’ curriculum vitae.  Some CVs can be misleading, and I have come across few candidates that have lied on their CVs.  By using skill assessment tests, employers can verify the skills candidate claim they posses on their CV.

Is the candidate right for the job – Technical and Team fit?

  • Skill assessment tests are one of the best ways to determine whether a candidate is a good match for a job position or not.  It can provide relevant information on the candidate's ability to perform well in the job.
  • What about the team fit?  If your new employee doesn’t have the necessary communication skills to fit in your existing team, they are sure to fail and probably even leave your company.  A simple skill assessment test can determine if the candidate will be the right fit for your company and in the current team.

Avoid making a bad hire

  • Many employers admit they've hired the wrong person for a position but making a bad hire is much less common among employers who use skill assessment tests. 

To differentiate between similar candidates

  • There have been times when companies come across two great candidates and can not decide which candidate to offer the job to.  This is where skill assessment tests can help and be a great solution for differentiating between similar candidates.  It can provide valuable insights and capture the nuances between candidates who seems to have the same education and experience. 
  • Apart from differentiating, the test is one of the best ways to eliminate bias in the recruitment process and improve candidate experience. 
  • In today’s market candidates want brief, informative, and engaging hiring experience and want to know they were given a fair chance to compete for the open job position.  Skill assessment tests can deliver an accurate, evidence-based information on candidates’ skills and knowledge and provide well-argued explanation of your hiring decisions. 

Skills assessment tests is known as talent assessment tests when a company uses it for evaluating company’s existing employees.  It can do wonders for the company and have a positive impact on employee performance and productivity. 

Talent assessment is a useful tool to ensure that your company has the right people in the right job positions and if used correctly, talent assessment tests can reduce the staff turnover rate and save time and money on re-hiring costs.


Skills/Talent Assessment Tests – Existing Employee

Training and development needs

  • The talent assessment tests can evaluate existing employees and determine if there are important job skills that their employees lack or should improve.  The test gives employers precise data on the skills that should be developed and as a result, companies can organize relevant and useful, even personalised training and workshops for their employees. 

Identify best performers and potential leaders

  • One of the great ways to identify your best performers and reward them accordingly is to use talent assessment tests.  It will help your company keep your top performers motivated and loyal.
  • Another great benefit of using a skill assessment test is to measure your employee’s leadership capabilities, skills and knowledge.  A specialized assessment can identify the right people in your company for the key positions with a real potential to lead others.  Maybe you already have such talent among your employees - and you don’t even know it! 

Benchmark your talent

  • Comparing the talent have within your company with your competitors is crucial for your company’s success.  Talent assessment tests can be used to compare your employees against industry or geographical benchmarks. 
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by using talent assessment tests to identify talented employees in your company and up skill them accordingly. 

Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of skill assessment tests, it’s time to start using them in your hiring process. 

Strata Recruitment has worked with a number of skill assessment tests and can help you find the right skill assessment tests for your company.